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Our project, is about travelers that wanted to go to a specific place around the world and do activities in a concrete theme like sports, history, music, academic, art, literature. The travelers have to do a registration on a webpage "" where have to fill some information of them and make a profile and the most important describe their interest to do in the city they want to visit.
the travelers are going to see advisors with similar interest and pitch one of them
The advisor, already registered, receive an e-mail with the information of the traveler interested and respond to the traveler
Both, traveler and advisor, make a schedule of the trip with all the information which keep save on the webpage of StoryLuggage.
Afeter the trip, the traveler upload photos an comments about the trip, where the advisor can make comments
After many trips the traveler would have experiences collectors on his profile. all the trips linked to their specific advisors with comments and photos.

This an amazing opportunity to collect all the experiences lived in the different trips a person do
For the advisors is a perfect opportunity to knew new people, live new experiences, which also are going to be collected to and make some money to make the traveler live an unforgettable experience.


- Louie McPerson and Jake Nelson from The Noun Project (Suitcase and handshake)
- Natalia Agudelo, Maria Fernanda Olarte, Maria Alejandra Sandoval, Eduardo Palma, Angelica Flechas for the commit organization in the Bogotá Service Jam
- Universidad de los Andes for the instalation facilities