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Anti-Procrastination - Grow Doing


Imagine when you need to work on an important task on the computer, but you get stuck after a certain time.
It could be possible that you start procrastinating on facebook or an other internet site and you don’t finish your work. The solution ist growDO. Befor you start your task you start the work-mode of growDO. In this mode there are certain websites and softwares allowed ans some are “forbidden”. If you start to left the allowed sites and programs growDO will disturb you. At first it will just remember you discreet that you don’t work. After some minutes it will disturb you stronger, so that you can’t really see the things on your screen. Procrastionation is very difficult now. Again some minutes later it will disturb you again, but then it suggested you a method how you coul’d start working again.
This could be:
- the 15-minutes-method
- it plays your favourite song to bring you in good mood
- or let you do some relaxation or sports exercise
- it could be everything


All the pictures and Decors were made by us.
The music was Sierra-Goblins 3 Xina from INCA on