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'growing positive behaviours'


People can move across borders, languages can move across borders, and ideas can move across borders - what about behaviours? Breakthrough is about growing positive behaviours in society and making them last. Compared to the West, China's society does not acknowledge the topic of sexuality and fails to address the repercussions this is having on women and their families. Sexuality being classified as a social taboo has not only caused social problems in China, but the health and economic sectors are also deeply impacted. Breakthrough uses a holistic methodology to solve this problem: create a support system outside what currently exists in society and stimulate the environment to flow toward this system. This is essentially tweaking the environment to enable the change to occur in a natural and sustainable way without hitting censorship. To grow the Chinese society's thoughts and behaviours in a positive way regarding sexuality.


Rob Han
Lina Bartuseviciute
Liisa Yu
Betty Tian
Derrie Guan
Tony Won

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