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The youth can take advantage of the experiences of Retirees professionals.


Reviewing Experiences

There are plenty of gaps in elderly people's lives
they feel useless, unhappy & "old" as commonly described.
we did a bit of research and felt a important gap there.
Old people are retired from their jobs, they had been doing
that since their youth days.
Now we have lots of experienced old people who could and should
be doing something but there's nothing special to do.
On the other side we have young people who are skillful,
talented, fresh but confused and looking for experiences.
Our service is about the comminucation between young people and
elderly people. We designed an office, a Retirement Assosciation in fact.
It's job will be to deliver the Experiences of the elderly people
to young people who are replaced in their previous jobs.
Elderly people are not very good at thenology so we provide them
the way they are more comfortable with.