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Where - How - What ?!

on Sun, 03/03/2013 - 10:29

Friday evening we met for the first time. Our team is truly international: Paula is from Colombia, Edgar from Guatemala, Luisa from Italy, Sjannie fromThe Netherlands and Pau is from Spain, actually he is at home in Barcelona.

After knowing the goal of the weekend, with GROWTH being the focus, we aksed ourselves WHAT we share, HOW we can share what we have in common and WHERE we can contribute to a more sustainable and human world. Friday evening was hard. So many thoughts and ideas. Different characters and great competences that needed to come out. We moved in circles until we found our mode of communication.

And than... We lifted off! We found our shared interest and put ourselves to work on the VALUE OF INTANGIBLES! We brainstormed on topics we thought are of importance to the world.
Trust - Share - Finance were clustered.
Trust, because we believe that the people experienced a great distrust in many existencial services, such as politics, banking, insurances, health care, etc.
Share, because we believe in collaborative living. Why does everybody keep things, knowledge and skills so much to one self? The old thinking of "knowledge = power" is no longer valid for the next decades to come.
Finance, because we all need to eat, live and grow in life. As long as money is the main exchange mode, we believe that true CHANGE is not possible.

Therefore, a mind shift and a change of mindset is necessary in many ways. Not only in politics, banking, etc., but also on intangible exchanges. Why are intangible services valued so low in professional surroudings. So many people share love, knowledge and care in hospitals, at home, in the neighbourhood, but they cannot make enough money to sustain themselves or their families. Why do we SAY this is important and of high value, and don't ACT on that. If we say so, we wish to Walk-the-Talk and inspire people to engage in intangible services for a more sustainable world.

That is how we finally came to our VALYOU concept.

Stand by for more info on this and keep your eyes wide open, to become part of this great CHANGE TO GROW SUSTAINABLE AND HUMAN CENTERED!

Sjannie, Edgar, Pau, Paula and Luisa