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Re-Grow Your Wardrobe


What do you do with that dress that got you through your high school dance but now just takes up closet space? What about those trousers, which went out of style along with portable CD players? What percentage of your closet is filled with clothes you haven’t worn in years? Through you can give these clothes a new and modern life. is a collaborative service that bridges the gap between a need for reduced consumption among fashion savvy twenty/thirty-somethings and the reuse of the clothes they wear. The current culture of consumption in the textile industry is at an extreme high. “Fast Fashion” culture has led consumers to demand constant new products to keep up with trends. Our aim is to connect consumers who want to update their wardrobe with individuals and designers who are able to make clothes.

The social object is your used clothes. Instead of throwing out your old clothes and purchasing the latest fashion from the store, Buyatela will send them to our designers/tailors to remake them into new fresh designs.

Why Buyatela? The phrase ‘vaya tela’ is Castilian Spanish slang for “WOW!”. The second word ‘tela’ literally means ‘fabric’. Buyatela is a word play between English and Spanish, which represents the essence of our social enterprise. As we will launch our project in Barcelona, we felt that this title would be attractive to the users of the service.


Thanks to all the teams at the Barcelona Jam who helped us work out the kinks in this project.