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What should I call my Jam?


We need to approve the name of your Jam before you use it.  It is best to choose name which gives an indication of the location city, town, or village of your Jam, like Copenhagen Service Jam or Service Jam København. But fantasy names are also cool and fun, like Viking Jam or Little Mermaid Service Jam.  There are just a few restrictions:

• Please use the word "Jam" in your name.
• We suggest you use the word "Service" in the Jam name, but this is not compulsory.
• Please do not use the word "Global" or any similar word in your name.
• Please do not use any organisational branding in your name.
• Please do not use any name which includes an area, territory or country bigger than your town.  Copenhagen Jam is cool, but Scandinavian Jam, Sjaelland Jam, or Denmark Jam are not.