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Stop! Imposter! Someone is trying to host another Jam in my country/city/building! What do I do?

There is no exclusivity of Jams.  Anyone who wants to Host, and is willing to follow the rules, is welcome to host.

However, we think that - because the Jam is about sharing - bigger Jams are cooler than smaller Jams.  So if two Jams are happening close together, the obvious question is "why?"

Cool reasons for having two Jams in the same place are:

  • we tried, but can't find a venue big enough to house us all
  • we already booked one venue, and can't cancel
  • our location is way too cool to give up, but we have more people than we can fit in
  • we may look close together, but the distance between us is significant for some local market reason like transport connections, zombie infestations, etc
  • we really, honestly believe small jams work better

Horrible cheesy reasons for two jams in the same place are:

  • we want to be exclusive
  • we don't like the other people
  • we want to use the Jam to show off or advertise our organisation (well, that's not especially cheesy, but it is not very "Jammy". And it's a bit sad if you think having the other guy in the same room will stop you from looking cool)
  • we want to work in a certain way or on a certain theme (well, that's not cheesy, but it's not Jamming either)

But at the end, it's up to each local host to deside if they go it alone, or merge with the neighbours. If you go it alone, we hope you will communicate and cooperate in every way!

(And we will need to find a fair solution on the names... we suggest "XYZ Service Jam LOCATION"  eg Bratwurst Service Jam Nuernberg and Castle Service Jam Nuernberg)