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My team is thinking about focussing our Jam on a certain issue or project. Is that cool?

Every Jam should be open for any ideas.  Remember,  "Do not bring a team or an idea. These will form at the Jam."

So if someone is interested in a particular issue, they should go to a Jam, pitch an amazing new idea aimed at that issue, and hope a team forms.  Or they should join a Team addressing a similar issue. Or they should shrug their shoulders and join something completely different which is also cool in some way.

A Jam which is set up to specifically address a certain theme, or which is set up by a group who specifically want to work together, is not truly open to all people and all ideas, so it breaks the rule above. It's a mighty, wonderful and cool thing in itself, but it's a workgroup, not a Jam. Do it the weekend after.  :)

To follow the music metaphor, going along to an open stage with all your musician friends and a decision to only play Bob Dylan songs is not jamming, it's a public rehearsal.

So, no themed Jams please! :)