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Join a Jam

Why should I participate?

As a participant in the Global service jam, you will work through a whole design process in one weekend. And you won't just be talking about service design, you will be working with others on developing designs which could become real.

  • Whether you are experienced or completely new to the field, you will learn more about service design and a design-based approach to creativity.
  • You will pick up a load of new ideas and work practices.
  • You will meet a lot of cool people at all levels of experience.
  • Your work and ideas will be reviewed by your peers, and presented to the world, where they can be seen by potential customers or employers, or by people who could make them real.
  • You will design something that may become a real business, though this is not the main focus of the Jam.
  • You might get rich and famous.
  • You will certainly have a blast.

How can I participate?

Read the rules for participants at the FAQ. Basically, they say:

  • Sign up in advance at the location of your choice. You can find a list of official locations here.
  • Show up on time.
  • Don't wait to follow the Jam on Twitter (@GSJam and  #GSJam) and on Facebook  - there's already a lot going on...
  • Bring any special tools you need.
  • Do not bring a team, do not bring an idea. These will form at the Jam. 
  • Do not bring pre-made content. The services developed at the Jam should be new. 
  • Work together in a spirit of conversation and co-operation.
  • Be prepared to share the results of your work under a Creative Commons license.
  • Have fun!

There's no location in my region. What should I do?