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The Jam GlobalHQ will be in... Turku, Finland!

on Mon, 03/03/2014 - 16:29
The Jam has an awesome headquarters team, made up of volunteers working around the world and around the clock. But one special location is always the “Official Jam GlobalHQ". After having a hot and steamy time with the amazing Bangalore Jam crew last year, we are happy to announce that in 2014 the Global HQ will be heading north!
Thanks to the generosity of Turku Science Park, Logomo and various members of the city's administration, business scene and local Jammers, we will raise the Global Jam HQ flag beside the Jammers in Turku, Finland.

Two of our HQ team - Adam and Ana - will be working there, and will drop in on the Turku Jam whenever they can. Otherwise, they will be helping Jammers worldwide with technical issues, keeping the Jam Buzz going, and spreading the best of the Jam worldwide. Adam says, "It will be a crazy weekend with little sleep and lots of work to do, but sharing the buzz and amazing location of the Turku Jam will make it much more fun. Thanks Turku!"
Besides the two-person crew in Finland, other HQ members will be on duty in Australia, Indonesia, India, Poland, Germany, and Brazil. Our thanks to these selfless people who are giving up their weekends so that others can Jam!

(Image from the Global Service Jam "Treasure Map" by Eva Johanna Lundqvist.)