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I'm interested in being a host, but what does a local organiser have to do?

 First of all, you do not need to be a service design or design thinking expert! Anyone can host a Jam, if they agree with a few guidelines and rules. So read the FAQ and especially the rules for local organisers at the end of the FAQ. In essence they say:

  • Look for and set up a suitable location for the Jam (workspace, connectivity, physical requirements, sponsorship if you want).
  • Name your Jam after your city or town, or give it a neutral name; don't name it after your region or country... 
  • Be open to everyone.
  • Handle registrations and participant lists (this can be as simple as a Facebook page...)
  • Be part of the organisers' community.
  • Be non-profit. (This includes: don't see the Jam as an advertising vehicle for your product. Be useful, be cool, be present. That's enough advertising.)
  • Don't give your Jam a local theme.
  • During the Jam, do not communicate the themes to any Jam in a timezone which does not know them yet... This is Deeply Cheesy, as themes are announced at local times. Be helpful but be secretive.
  • Police the rules, keep the deadlines.
  • Publicise your event, and publish the results.
  • Have fun!

Remember, there is a whole Jam community to support you - and a useful Handbook for Jam organisers. You'll find it (and a lot of other useful material) at the Organiser's Basecamp. Contact us for details.


YES! I want to try to host a Jam! How do I become an official local organiser?

Simply shoot us an email marked "I want to host!", tell us who you are, where you are located and we take it from there!

(You don't need to have your rooms booked yet, your webpage set up or anything else - just be ready to try! Your first task will probably be gathering names, to see how big your Jam might get.  We think you'll find it useful to set up some kind of regisitration or group administration - maybe a dedicated webpage if you are a web ninja, or a mailing list, Facebook page, Yahoo Group or whatever if you are not. You can expand your online presence later....)


Hmm... I'm interested in the Jam, but not yet ready to be an organiser. What can I do?

If you want to participate in a jam locally, but are not ready to commit to hosting, that's no problem. Tell us, and we can list you as "interested" for your region. The more people sign up, the easier it becomes to get a Jam rolling!

Just shoot us an email marked "I'm interested!", tell us who you are, where you are located and we take it from there!

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