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Host a Jam

A local Jam can be a polished event for hundreds of attendees, or a simple meeting of a few people around a kitchen table... ANYONE can Host a Jam (you don't need to be an expert!), so why not give it a try?

Why should I be a local organiser?

As a local organiser, you will help others learn about a design-based approach to creativity and problem solving. You will also help support the young discipline of service design.

  • You will have great freedom to organise and shape your local Jam - big or small - as you wish, as long as a few basic guidelines are observed.
  • You will meet people from your region who are interested in service and experience, and in a design-based approach. You will work closely with them.
  • You will be in contact with other organisers globally, all of whom will be worth knowing.
  • You will pick up a bunch of new ideas and work practices.
  • You will meet a lot of interesting people at all levels of experience.
  • You will have the opportunity to showcase your own experience, interests and ideas with participants and the press.
  • You will not get rich (the Global Service Jam is non-profit), but you might get famous(er).
  • You will certainly have a great time!
  • For more, see this decision guide.

What support will I get as a local organiser?

The Jam HQ organisation has no budget and no staff, but this does not mean you are alone!  The Jam is a community-supported event, and since the first Jam, Jammers worldwide have been helping each other and sharing materials:
  • There is a Firestarter Handbook (now at over 50 pages) which shares the best experiences from hundreds of Jams and is packed with tools, timeplans, warm-ups and good advice from many Jammers all over the world. It's free to every Host.
  • Most importantly, as a Host you will be invited to the Organiser's Basecamp - the online community platform where Jam Hosts share ideas, help, support, motivation, tools and files with each other. Every time you have a question about the Jam - ask the Basecamp. Someone is always happy to help. :)

Ok, but how do I become a local organiser?

To list your city on the map of cool and innovative Global Service Jam locations worldwide, and get access to the Handbook and Basecamp, there's two first steps you can take in only 2 minutes:

1) Read the rules for local organisers at the FAQ. Basically, they say:

  • Be ready to find and set up up a suitable location for the Jam (workspace, connectivity, physical requirements). You do NOT need to do this before you register - in fact, it's better to register first.  Sometimes, locations will contact you!
  • Be open to everyone, don't push your product or company.
  • Later, be ready to handle registrations and participant lists (this can be as simple as a Facebook or Eventbrite page...)
  • Be an active part of the organisers' community (mostly on our Basecamp, but on other platforms too)...
  • Be non-profit.
  • Police the rules, use the Secret Theme (no local subthemes), keep the deadlines.
  • Publicise your event, and publish the results on the Jam platform.
  • Be aware that a city can have many Jams (but one big one is coolest.)
  • Have fun!

2) You are happy with the rules?

Cool! Now simply send a mail to, tell us your full name and city, and we will take it from there! You don't need to write a long application letter. Remember, anyone (who agrees to keep the rules) can be a Host!

LET'S ROCK the Jam!


I'm interested in the Jam, but not yet ready to become an organiser. What do I do?

If you want to participate in a jam locally, but are not ready to commit to hosting, that's no problem. Tell us, and we can list you as "interested" for your region. The more people sign up, the easier it becomes to get a Jam rolling!

Just shoot us an email marked "I'm interested!" to, tell us who you are, where you are located and we take it from there!