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Some of the terms used at the Jam, in alphabetical order:

Basecamp - the online community platform where Hosts share advice, support, motivation, tools and files. It's the main communication channel for Jam organisers. There is a new Basecamp platform for every Jam.

"doing, not talking" - the inofficial motto of the Jams, and the secret of a successful Jam.

embargo, (noun) – the prohibition or ban on publishing the Secret Global Theme or details of the Theme Video before all Jams know them.

Firestarter Handbook - a booklet,  crowd-written by Jam Hosts, which is full of advice, tools and techniques for Hosts. If you have a question, there is probably and answer in the Handbook.

"GlobalHQ" or "Global" (noun) – the informal name for the global headquarters of the Global Service Jam. GlobalHQ is often based in Nürnberg, Germany - but is increasingly distributed worldwide with support locations on several continents.

Global Council (noun) – a small, secret group of Hosts and Jammers, chosen by Global to help choose the Theme and Achievements

Global Service Jam (noun) – the international event, around the beginning of March each year, made up of multiple local Jams

"Handbook" - see Firestarter Handbook

Host(s) (noun) – the local organiser(s) of a Jam

Jam (noun) – one physical location of the Global Service Jam, where a group of Jammers work in one or more Teams.

to Jam (verb) – to work together openly, spontaneously, building on each other’s ideas to create a unique result.

Jammer (noun) – an individual person taking part in a Jam.

local organiser(s) (noun) – see “Host”.

Mentor (noun) - a specialist at a Jam, not attached to a team, who helps the Jammers with special knowledge or working techniques.

Participant(s) (noun) - see "Jammer"

Q&A Chat (noun) - online meetings of Hosts to share ideas and support before the Jam. Participatin in these Chats is one of the best indicators of a sucessful Jam.

rubber chicken (noun) – a useful bird.

Secret Global Themethe common theme whch provides the starting point for all Teams at all Jams during the Global Service Jam event. The Theme is Global, because all Jams have the same theme. And it is secret because Jammers should not know it in advance, and because Jammers keep it secret until all Jammers worldwide have heard it (see "embargo").

Team (noun) – a group of Jammers who work together on a common project; usually a Jam will have several teams.

Theme – see "Secret Global Theme".

Upload - the main goal of the Jam is to upload "documentation of a functioning prototype" by the end of the Jam. The latest possible upload deadline is 1500 (3pm) on the final day of the Jam. Jammers should upload all weekend and finish by 3pm on Sunday.


If there are any more confusing words you would like added to the glossary, please let us know!