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All teams presented their ideas (a tweet overview)

on Sun, 03/03/2013 - 16:12

Team 1: Grow happiness. Just that simple with 'try before you cry' A boost for the house market, designed in just 48 hours #rsj13 #gsj13 About Grow^ About trying experiences, live your dreams for some weeks. Yeah.

Team 2: Loan rangers. A new community is needed, without money. Because sharing is awesome! Buy less, share more! #rsj13 #gsj13 About Grow^ It's not about buying but about sharing, get rid of greed!

Team 3: Curio city. Share enjoyable spots and help others take a break by using postcards. Treasure hunting 2.0? #rsj13 #gsj13 About Grow^ And yes, there is a business model for it already! Ready for the next step perhaps?

Team 4: Make it big. Forming a community to co-create to a bigger project. Without facilitating! Dreams come true! #rsj13 #gsj13 About Grow^ No worries they will make it big.